Insight and Involvement Group

If you have been affected by a baby born needing neonatal care, or if you were born in a neonatal unit yourself, you could help shape and improve the research we support. We want to make sure the experiences of families are listened to and learnt from.

What is the Insight and Involvement Group?

The journey through neonatal care is a unique experience that only people who go through it know what it's really like. This group is made up of people who have experienced neonatal care, whether they are parents or other relatives of premature or sick babies, or ex-neonatal patients themselves.

Your insight and experience will help shape and improve our work and the research that we support, to ensure future families and babies will have the best possible care.

What does the group do?

We will email you once a month with opportunities to take part in. These opportunities may include:

  • Making sure patient information sheets are easy to understand for parents on the unit
  • Helping researchers to make their work parent or family-friendly
  • Help designing a research project
  • Reviewing research summaries to make sure the public can understand them
  • Helping the Bliss research team to decide on which projects to support
  • Help shaping the work of other Bliss teams
  • Overseeing a research project, for example attending research meetings
  • Helping researchers share their results with the public

You will also have the opportunity to join the Insight and Involvement Facebook Group to share your experiences with each other, hear about neonatal research news, and explore more opportunities to get involved in.

You may only be interested in a small handful of opportunities, and not all of them will be relevant to you and your experience, but it is up to you how many you get involved in. There is no obligation to take part in any opportunities.

How do I join?

To join our Insight and Involvement Group, please read our terms of reference for the group, and if you're happy, please fill out the form below. Please note that we are leaving sign ups open until 1st November 2019, to allow people enough time to join. For this reason, the first newsletter won't be sent out until early November 2019.

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How do I contact the group?

If you are a healthcare professional or researcher who would like to contact the Insight and Involvement Group with an opportunity to help shape your work, please read our research support policy and complete our social media request form. Send to