Catherine's story

''I campaign for Bliss because it means I can use my experience of having premature twins to help other people have a better experience. In a way, it turns some of the trauma of that time into something more positive.

"I’ve campaigned for about seven years and in that time I’ve watched staffing at my local unit improve substantially. With my MP’s help, we’ve managed to secure a Westminster Hall debate on neonatal care, which produced several new commitments from the Health Secretary.

"I’ve lobbied MPs at Parliament on several occasions, helping to raise the profile of Bliss and neonatal care and I’ve had meetings with my local NHS Trust to discuss staffing and family centred care improvements.

"Campaigning for Bliss is very rewarding. Remember that you are the expert and it is only with the input of people like you and me that we can achieve the level of neonatal care that our babies deserve.''