Support professionals

We work hand-in-hand with health professionals to ensure care for babies on the neonatal unit is of the highest possible standard.

We champion family-centred care, which places parents at the centre of their baby’s care while they are in hospital and is hugely beneficial for both babies and parents when they go home. Through the Bliss Baby Charter, we work with healthcare professionals to help them provide this high quality care and make practical improvements to involve parents more in their baby’s care.

We also provide training and facilitate a community where professionals can share information and support each other to provide the best possible care.

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Using the Bliss Baby Charter, we work with healthcare professionals to help them provide family-centred care for babies born premature or sick.
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Carol Buxton, Family Support and Infant Feeding Specialist at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, says: "Charities like Bliss have been at the forefront of improvements in care for babies, especially with powerful tools like the Bliss Baby Charter.

"Bliss has a strong presence in neonatal units, their support in achieving 'gold standards' such as one-to-one nursing care for all intensive care babies is invaluable."

Over the next three years we will support health professionals by:

  • Reaching all neonatal units with our Bliss Baby Charter audit and accreditation programme to help them audit their practices and implement plans to improve care for babies
  • Supporting neonatal professionals to deliver high quality care through an accredited developmental care training programme
  • Working with neonatal units and networks to reach a significant proportion of the neonatal workforce across the UK with our work
  • Developing a Bliss professionals’ network to provide regular and accessible information and share good practice among professionals.