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Our vision is that every baby born premature or sick in the UK has the best chance of survival and quality of life.

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Every day over 300 babies are admitted to neonatal care. Help us support them and their families.

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Group of mums and babies with Bliss volunteers sitting around a table in a play area

Join Bliss’ amazing community of volunteers to give vital support to families on neonatal units across the UK.

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Cartoon drawing of three superheroes wearing masks and capes
Bliss Little Heroes

Be a hero for premature and sick babies and hold a sponsored superhero-themed walk!

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Renewed focus required on neonatal care to reduce the incidence of avoidable brain injury

A new NHS report examines how future incidents of brain injury at birth can be prevented and how families can be better supported.
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‘It’s ok to struggle; no matter the length of your neonatal stay’ – Lucy’s story

Lucy's daughter had a short neonatal stay with few complications. Two years on, Lucy continued to struggle to process her emotions.
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Our impact and research

Dad holding baby in hospital
Our Impact

Everything we do at Bliss is focused on giving babies the best chance of survival and quality of life. Find out about…

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Research has the potential to save lives and to improve the quality of life for premature and sick babies for…

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